About Us

Taking the Path Less Travelled Since 2010

Designed by Adventurethon

Our Vision

Is to inspire people of all abilities and experiences to see the great outdoors and visit amazing locations while stepping up to challenges that they once thought impossible.

We aim to see walkers unite, one step at a time, to raise funds for charity, as well as supporting one another.

Our Purpose

Coming from a background in Adventure event management and development, we love seeing beneficial changes in people when they tackle challenges outside their comfort zones and succeed. We want everyone to revel in such achievements.


In addition to the feeling of achievement, there are real benefits from exposure to natural environments when we immerse ourselves in them.  When combined with like-minded people a positive and uplifting experience is ensured.


Adventure Trek facilitates fun and adventure in a positive social environment.


Adventure Trek allows all the adventure combined with a social environment.

Why Trek with Us

We know how to deliver a fun and smooth-flowing event. We have a highly experienced crew that are authentic in the care of our Trekkers.

We take care of all the fun and adventure without logistic headaches for you.

Leaders in Off Road

We come from an Outdoors & Adventure background and have delivered numerous events around Australia since 2010. Our experience encompasses Trail Running, Mountain Biking, Paddling, Treasure Hunts, and other Major Sporting and Community Festival events.

Commitment to Quality

We want to deliver the best possible experience for you and your friends at our events. Our vast offroad event experience provides the background that allows us to aim to exceed your expectations.

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